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When going into shoots like these I like to remember what my ultimate goal is. It’s not to give someone photos of themselves that they don’t recognize cause.. that can happen. When getting makeup and hair professionally done it’s good to think ahead. What is the ultimate goal of the photos? If you want a professional headshot then yes keep it as close as possible to your everyday look. But with glamour photography you just have to have fun with it girls! Do something different. A good makeup artist can give you fab new look, make your hair big etc. It’s all about letting those inhibitions drop and having a good time. Try going for va va voom.. think old-style Hollywood, maybe a celebrity you admire..have fun with it!

Just so you know I have never been a girly girl! I am not someone who wears a ton of make-up and usually I spend no longer than 5 minutes on my hair and yeah, usually it shows. However, even growing up as a tomboy I remember there were days when I would break into my mom’s makeup and go crazy with all the colors, shimmers and shades. I would get all dolled up whilst being giggly and silly and put on a fancy outfit, wrap myself in silks, find my mom’s heels and then parade and dance about the house. Yes it was fun, and in some funny way very much a boost of self-confidence. I felt feminine and strong. I think there are very few women who can deny that looking at a beautiful photo of themselves is not morale boosting. So when a woman walks through my studio doors she is always beautiful, make-up or not. My work through glamour photography is to give her that same experience I had as a little girl. Getting dressed up, feeling beautiful, feminine and self-confident all whilst having a fun time! That’s all I want to do. Then being posed and having your hair swirl around you by a fan, with strobe lights popping and then finally seeing those gorgeous photos is all part of the experience. So that’s what glamour photography is about for me — an experience.

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“I was searching for a unique gift idea for my Husband when I stumbled upon Tushna’s boudoir photo sessions. It seemed like a great idea and was just what I was looking for. I hesitated, though, because it required me baring it all, so to speak. After chatting about it with some friends, and with Tushna, I knew it was an experience that I couldn’t wait to jump into.

I arrived the day of the shoot a bit nervous and excited to get started. My nerves started to calm after I sat down to get my make-up and hair done. What girl doesn’t like a bit of pampering!? I wasn’t sure who was even looking back at me in the mirror. My confidence was growing fast with results like that.

There was music playing and I quickly got into the “role”. Tushna was great at telling me which way to place my arm or how to look into the camera with my eyes. She took all the guess work right out of it for me. I just needed to relax and listen to her words. Nerves, what nerves?

Yes, this was originally a gift for my Husband. By the end of the shoot though, I had quickly realized I was getting just as much out of the gift as he would. I had time to myself away from our two young children. I had my make-up and hair done. I had a small taste of what it was like to be a model. I had two hours of something that was all about me and that felt refreshing.

My boudoir pictures are classy, tasteful, respectful and timeless. They tell a story of a Wife and Mother of two. I’m proud of the pictures and my Husband was speechless when he received them. A win-win gift and experience for sure”.

I love this story from my client who is a mom, wife and “hello,” still a woman! It’s so wonderful when women can find that part of them again that’s bold and feminine through boudoir.  Boudoir photography makes such a great gift for an anniversary, birthday or even mother’s day. When you gift a boudoir session to your partner you are allowing her to have an experience where she will be pampered and yet come out of it feeling empowered and beautiful. I love that most of my clients are women who have had kids and are ready to do something for them. As a mother of two kids I know how hard it is to justify taking the time off to do something personal and not about the kids. But it’s important and who can resist feeling beautiful and confident and having photos to show for it!

Kirkland boudoir photography

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For this shoot I wanted to try some photos that were classic Hollywood inspired and then light them a little softer and not as hard as they used to be. So we started with my client’s hair and make-up styled based on photos from Classical Hollywood cinema. Then we picked a few of retro styled outfits. I love the dress my client brought in. It had that vintage stylish look to it. I set up lighting to be low key and shadowy but did not want to go as high in contrast as the classical Hollywood style is and went with a more softer diffused light instead.  for the second part of the shoot I changed the look up with the set being more light infused.

Here’s what my client had to say about her experience.

“Modeling for a Boudoir session sparked my interest for a few reasons; I am a first time mom, and I am sure most mom’s would be able to relate to this cliche, I rarely have time for myself between work and taking care of the little one. I felt like I needed to do something for myself where I felt sexy and looked out of this world, to get in touch with my playful and fiery side, and to feel like more than a dress down every day woman (The look I would describe for myself as “ragdoll”).

I’ve considered doing this specific type 0f modeling type work for charity organizations and after this I have a strong confidence that I can do it!

The whole experience was something else. Between the hair and makeup, the look blew me away. I had a fun time, my “mommy body” self image issues I had went away completely,  and everything felt so natural.  It was wonderful”!

Seattle boudoir photography

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We shot this literally the day after the Seahawks won the Super Bowl. So my client went out that morning before we started to try and find a championship shirt. Unfortunately it was a bit too soon to get the actual championship jersey but she managed to find something with champions on it and so we went with that.

I loved being able to do a more glamour photography type of shoot. And because we were going more glamorous than nude, I thought we could and should take it outside. I could tell she was nervous at first so we started with more glamour posing and then took it sexier as we went. Can you believe this mama has four kids all a year apart and the youngest is just a year old?!?! I could not get over that! She wanted to surprise her husband with these photos and I am waiting in suspense to hear all about it:-).

Here’s what she had to say about her experience…

“I went in for glamour/boudoir photos with Tushna (T-elle Photography) because I wanted to do something fun and special for my husband. I was uncomfortable in the beginning, but by the end I was posing and smiling with confidence.  Tushna helped me relax by slowly working my way up into sexier and sexier poses. She made the entire experience fun!  In the end, the photos are for my husband, but I got the better end of the deal.   The experience gave me a new perspective on my body and a confidence level that I haven’t seen in years.  The photos came out better than I had expected because this was my first boudoir/glamour photo session.  Tushna took so many great photos that it was difficult deciding which photos to order for my husband!”


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Announcing Seattle boudoir photography studio, T-elle Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography – Actually I prefer to call it “Beauty” Photography. Which is exactly what my goal is, to make you feel and look beautiful in a way that you are comfortable with. Most of all I want to make it a fun experience for you and give you some gorgeous photos of yourself, your body and your spirit! beauty, glamour, boudoir, pin-up photography (call it what you will) sessions include hair and make-up always! You can try it with a friend, your partner or just as a special treat for yourself. Boudoir pictures make an intimate, special gift for the man in your life – trust me they will LOVE it!

If you are interested in seeing photos of my boudoir work please visit my gallery where I showcase only boudoir, glamor, pin-up photography.

T-elle Boudoir Photography

For parties of 3 or more we will have the sessions on-location at a hotel suite. Boudoir parties can work great for bachelorette parties and also for bridal or wedding gifts.
Please make sure to get these booked ahead of time to ensure availability of the photographer and makeup artists.

Please call me for info 206-225-8178


Seattle boudoir photography studio



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Seattle boudoir photographer, Tushna Lehman, offers beautiful boudoir pictures that will create stunning art pieces for you to gift to someone special and enjoy forever.

Start thinking about which Seattle boudoir photographer you would like to book early and that way you are on the Seattle boudoir photographer’s calendar. Seattle boudoir photographers get pretty booked up before the Holidays and Valentine’s Day. It also saves you having to make a rush decision when selecting your final products.

Here is a list of some of the things you should take into consideration when looking for a Seattle boudoir photographer.

Body of work

Does the Seattle boudoir photographer have a strong body of work? Do they have a variety of pictures using different poses, different body types and ages? You want to ensure your boudoir photographer will be able to provide you with a variety of photos for you to choose from and also that shows you off in your best angles and with great poses and lighting.


The personality of your Seattle boudoir photographer sets the tone for your future relationship and how comfortable you are with them. Always try and have a phone conversation at least to make sure the Seattle boudoir photographer is a good fit for you. After all, this is pretty intimate session. Talk to them about your inhibitions and also what you are specifically looking for and hoping to get out of your pictures.


Even though price is an important factor in selecting your Seattle boudoir photographer, it should not be the main criteria. Photographers that cost more also have more experience, run a legitimate business, and use better equipment.


Even though it is hard to know what you will do with your boudoir pictures, it is still better to give some thought on whether you are looking for an album, or prints etc. If digital files are important to you, keep in mind that finding time to make prints and design albums is not easy. Your Seattle boudoir photographer should have stunning, high-end products and the skills to create beautiful artwork for you.


Some Seattle boudoir photographers have their own studio space and others will travel to your home. If you prefer the photographer to come to your home make sure they have lighting to use on our dreary Seattle days. Sometimes natural light will not suffice. Our studio space is comfortable and we provide a restroom, refreshments, and keep the room comfortable and warm for you. It is also a great time you to just relax and enjoy feeling beautiful.

Length of session

Typically boudoir photo sessions last up to two hours. Your Seattle boudoir photographer should be able to get sufficient pictures within two hours so you can get on with your day. It is always a good idea to go prepared with snacks for yourself and keep your calendar open right after your session to allow for any delays in your session.

T-elle Photography is a Seattle boudoir photographer based in Woodinville and offers boudoir photography to the greater Seattle area.

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